Great Day to Be a Tar Heel Type Treatment


There is a popular saying on campus, “It’s a Great Day to be a Tar Heel.” In recent years, the University social media team has converted the phrase into a hashtag (#GDTBATH) and has been using it to tag relevant posts across platforms. This year, the University content team approached UNC Creative with the idea of using this phrase as a mark on a campaign which would feature different student profiles. They wanted an identity that could be used across social media, website and video content to create a consistent visual look and identify these stories as part of the campaign.


UNC Creative developed a modular graphical identity system to represent the phrase, “It’s a Great Day to be a Tar Heel.” We started with a type treatment mark for #GDTBATH which could be used across all media. The type treatment uses University colors and fonts and includes multiple variations to work with different platforms and background images/media. As a secondary element, we created a mark that includes the entire phrase spelled out in a series of blocks. Finally, we created a system for including the featured student name on various media in combination with #GDTBATH. The resulting system is incredibly modular and lets the content team choose the elements which work best with the individual piece they are creating, but ensures that all of the pieces in the campaign will have a consistent identity, regardless of the platform or which one of their team members is putting together the story. This project was recognized with a silver medal at the 2020 International Davey Awards competition.

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