2020 Carolina Together Sub-Brand


At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University was faced with the challenge of communicating a large volume of public health messages in a timely and consistent way. The messages were being distributed across a wide variety of digital, print and in-person channels and the content was continually evolving. The University came to UNC Creative to help establish a design system to communicate this information and help keep our community safe.



UNC Creative created a sub-brand and set of identity guidelines that would establish a consistent look for all official University messages related to COVID-19. This started by creating a mark to represent the “Carolina Together” phrase that the University had adopted. The mark pulled in elements from the argyle and diamond patterns in the University brand and used them to encapsulate the words “Carolina Together” to help represent the sense of community. The brand also incorporated colors from the University’s secondary color palette, as well as two of the University fonts. As the brand expanded, additional elements were added including icons, patterns and illustrations.

As an extension of the brand, UNC Creative made hundreds of different signs, posters, digital materials, graphics and templates that were used and/or customized by leaders and communications directors across campus. As new types of messages became points of emphasis (testing, vaccination, etc.), UNC Creative expanded the brand to include visual styles specific to those communications. The original brand was launched in fall 2020 and continues to be an evolving toolkit that the campus relies on to communicate this vital information.

A graphic collage with social distancing language such as "know your w's" and "wear a mask"

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