Ackland Art Museum 60th Anniversary


Create a visual identity in honor of the Ackland Art Museum’s 60th Anniversary. The identity needed to be adaptable enough to span an entire year and accommodate multiple exhibit installations. The brand elements needed to pair with Ackland’s overall visual identity, but also needed to stand apart in celebration of this milestone.


UNC Creative designed a simple, but bold logo to be the center of the 60th Anniversary brand. It uses the thick weight of the six and zero to pair with the Ackland Art Museum’s existing logo type face. When applied to a flat rectangle, the interlocking numbers can also create a series of abstract shapes. This negative space may be used as a solid color or as an image mask to highlight specific artwork across multiple exhibits.

For the color palette, the client requested primary colors that feel regal and sophisticated. UNC Creative chose a simple black, gray and gold color scheme with the addition of the University’s Carolina Blue to show the relationship between the two entities. The secondary color palette was inspired by, and collected from, various works of art that have been featured in the Museum over the year-long celebration.

The secondary colors incorporate pops of color and evoke a different tone from the primary colors. This gave Ackland the flexibility to choose colors that were appropriate to the purpose and audience of each individual piece. For example, mailed invitations to donors predominately used the sophisticated primary palette, while the secondary palette was used for exterior signage and a bus wrap to draw attention from the public.

The eight patterns created for this brand were custom illustrated and inspired from patterns and textures found in Ackland’s art collections. The diversity of these patterns allows for flexibility as the exhibits change over the course of year. This brand was utilized in the creation of exterior and interior signage, sidewalk vinyl, mailed invitations, print programs, magazine ads and a bus wrap.

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