Alternate Tunings



UNC Creative was contacted to design a promotional poster advertising a folk and bluegrass concert in celebration of the 30th anniversary of UNC Library’s Southern Folklife Collection. This event tone was “low-key” and the design needed to be fun, approachable and reflective of folk music. This poster would be hung in buildings across campus and needed to stand out from other notices/flyers.


UNC Creative’s design evokes a welcoming feel right off the bat with a bold custom-set title, rounded-edge fonts and a warm yellow accent color. We utilized UNC’s Athletics Navy as the primary color to connect the viewer to the time and location of this event (nighttime in Autumn), while using hints of Carolina Blue for brand recognition. In the background is an image of a guitar that quickly allows passersby to know what this event is and invites them to learn more. This design was so loved by the client that it was later adapted into a postcard, invitation and program. This project was honored with a Silver medal at the 2020 International Davey Awards.

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