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The Arts Everywhere initiative is rooted in the belief that the arts are for everyone. For this project, we were tasked with creating a logo and brand that truly appeals to everyone—students, faculty, staff, members of the community and everyone in-between. In addition, we needed this to be a comprehensive brand representing all art forms, including music, fine arts, performing arts and alternative art forms.

Arts Everywhere Celebration


For the logo design, we took a more abstract approach in order to avoid representing one type of art form over another, or appealing to one type of demographic over another. We used circles of varying colors and sizes and brought them together to form the word “ARTS,” which represents many people coming together to celebrate the arts. We then used the colors, circles and typography from the logo to build out a versatile brand that is carried across a website and other digital and printed marketing materials.

This vibrant brand lends itself to a website design that is dynamic and impactful. Bright colors, bold typography and engaging photography draw you in. Additionally, the functionality of this design shines through clear navigation and an overall design that seamlessly transitions from mobile to tablet to desktop. This site makes it easy for anyone to find specific information or to browse and learn more about the University’s various arts opportunities, events and groups.

We also had an opportunity to apply this brand across various marketing materials (such as maps, signage and swag) on Arts Everywhere Day in April 2017, giving participants an immersive brand experience.

Further establishing the success of this project, the Arts Everywhere logo design received a silver 2017 Davey Award, which recognizes work created by small agencies worldwide.

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