N.C. Halls of Fame Event Materials


The N.C. Halls of Fame, sponsored by the School of Media and Journalism, recognize people who were born in North Carolina, or people who became distinctively identified with North Carolina, and have made outstanding and career-long contributions to journalism, advertising or public relations. Inductions began in 1981 and it remains a high honor for all who are nominated.

The School of Media and Journalism reached out to UNC Creative to design and develop a website that would act as an aid in promoting the N.C. Halls of Fame, generate more timely replies by guests, boost sponsorship opportunities for potential donors, serve as a historical roster for all past and upcoming inductees with searchable functionality, and provide users with a way to easily nominate future honorees.

In addition to the website, an invitation package, medallion design, sponsorship letterhead, menu cards, event presentation slides and other event materials were needed utilizing the same type treatment and design elements from the website. These projects presented a unique challenge, because instead of using an established brand or style guide that provides direction from the beginning, we had to create them in tandem, figuring out the brand as we went along.



After approval was received for the website’s home page, a logo, color palette, typography and general style elements, we were able to move forward with other materials and expand the website design to incorporate interior page templates. The site serves an enormous purpose, but the sparse content drove the design of a one-page, scrolling site – keeping all of the information contained and easily accessible by the end user.

The invitation seamlessly incorporated design elements from the website, allowing us to build on the brand with unique print techniques, such as UV spot-varnish stars to provide additional drama and a gate fold outer shell to highlight the curtain photo used throughout the event materials.

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