Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t know all of the details of my project yet. May I still reach out to your group?
Of course! We would love to be involved with your project in the beginning stages and would be happy to provide consultation services. Our Creative Strategist is a great resource for your group and can help you think through your project goals, deliverables, timeline and budget.
When should I contact you about a new project?
As early as possible. The more notice we have about a project, the better we can plan and prepare. If you know you’ll have a project for us in a specific month of the year, but don’t know quite yet the exact start date, that’s okay! Let us know and we’ll pencil you into our project calendar to ensure we can work on your project. This is especially helpful during the spring and fall semesters.
How does billing work?
Our team conducts billing on a monthly basis for the actual time worked during that month. We will send an electronic invoice to your billing contact at the beginning of each month for you to review that will include the previous month’s work. Charges can include communications, meetings, project management and design time. We can set up a job using your chart string or you can mail us your payment.
What does ‘Print Coordination’ mean?
UNC Creative is a design agency and does not print items in-house. However, our team is happy to coordinate printing for your piece using one of our trusted print vendors. We will create a print specs document that outlines all of the project details and send it out to three local printers for pricing bids. Once we have all of their bids in, we will send you the lowest cost for your approval. Printing invoices will be sent to you directly from the printer and are not included in our charges.
What are your rates?
$80 / Hour – Strategy, branding and visual design
$90 / Hour – Web and digital design
Does the University have branding guidelines that projects must meet?
Yes, the University has a comprehensive set of branding and identity guidelines, which can be viewed online at Our office serves as brand manager for the University and we're happy to help you navigate these guidelines. We offer individual brand consultations and are also happy to review any designs to make sure that they comply with the guidelines. These services are offered free of charge. Contact us to learn more.
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