Carolina Dentistry Brand

Project Description

Carolina Dentistry logo showing a stylized Old Well and toothpaste icon in Navy and Carolina Blue with the text "Carolina Dentistry" in Carolina Blue.
The UNC Adams School of Dentistry was undergoing a process to consolidate their in-house clinic and rename it Carolina Dentistry. They approached UNC Creative to design a custom logo and brand guide to represent the new group visually. The goal of the logo was to clearly demonstrate a tie to the University while being simple and identifiable by the general public.


UNC Creative started by creating a logo that was professional and clean. It uses an artistic illustration of Carolina’s iconic Old Well symbol where the base of the icon is transformed into a line of toothpaste. This image cleverly evokes the “Dentistry” concept while the curved line adds a little bit of warmth and forward motion. The typography is also simple and legible, with an emphasis on “Carolina.”

The brand’s colors align with the University’s primary palette and also include a sophisticated secondary palette to be used as accent colors. The patterns and shapes bring in a more playful element by subtly hinting at floss and the elements of a toothbrush. The resulting brand has a balance of professional and playful elements that allows Carolina Dentistry to be approachable and confident.
Designs that show the Carolina Dentistry Brand in use - a mug, tote bag, booklet cover and brochure cover.
Carolina Dentistry brand shapes, including semicircles, bars and toothpaste shapes on a light blue background.
Round swatches showing Carolina Dentistry brand colors and a list of brand fonts.
Two graphics showing the brand floss pattern in use.

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