Carolina Firsts Overview Booklet

Project Description

The Carolina Firsts program reached out to UNC Creative to design a booklet providing an overview of the program and showcasing the many benefits of participation. The client provided content, but left the design, layout and finished form-factor to UNC Creative. The resulting booklet is engaging, easy to navigate and has a look and feel that is unique, yet instantly recognizable as a Carolina program.

Photograph of the Carolina Firsts booklet, featuring the Carolina Firsts logo and black and white photo of a female graduate wearing her commencement robe.
Photograph of an interior page of the Carolina Firsts booklet. It shows body copy and a photo of the graduation stole with the Carolina Firsts logo.
Photograph of booklet that shows an interior spread with headline copy, body copy and two photographs. One photograph is of a female student drinking from the Old Well and the other is of a group of adults in an auditorium clapping.

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