Animated illustrated gif of a ram wearing a Carolina cape and glasses plus a face mask.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the University partnered with UNC Health to establish Carolina Heroes Day, a day dedicated to thanking healthcare workers, researchers and essential workers for their selfless dedication and service. UNC Creative was tasked with developing the visual design and assets for this initiative, which would be promoted via the University’s website and social media channels.


Instagram Stories graphics that featured the Carolina Heroes branding.
This initiative was scheduled to occur on national Superhero Day and our team used that for inspiration. We leaned into a classic comic book motif for fonts, graphic elements and textures and even created an illustrated version of our iconic ram mascot as a superhero. The Carolina Heroes Day visuals pack a punch and were intended to quickly grab viewer’s attention on social media and instantly be recognizable as UNC. These graphics are fun and inviting, encouraging viewers to participate on their own channels as well. We created a variety of post types so each school/unit on campus could tailor their message across their multiple platforms.

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