1789 Screen Print


Design a custom poster that highlights the beauty and pride of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, while serving as a promotional item to showcase the design skills of UNC Creative.


We designed a poster that combines elements of UNC-Chapel Hill’s history with UNC Creative’s current brand of geometric shapes and bold colors. The numbers ‘1789’ represent the year the University was officially founded and each number houses a historical landmark on campus (1: Bell Tower, 7: Davie Poplar, 8: the Old Well and South Building, 9: Wilson Library). The scene starts in the daytime (1) and ends at night (9) to symbolize a day in the life on Carolina’s campus.

UNC Creative staff personally screen printed a 4-color design on over 100 posters for mailing or in-person distribution. The poster was distributed to various communicators across campus, past clients and the Chancellor of the University.

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